About Us

KraftMead is private retail brand based in USA.

The rural artisans and their representatives are not educated and just don’t have the means and where with all to reach a global audience. They don’t have the skills to reach out to the world or be found.

KraftMead provides a global reach to the arts and products of these artisans. So when you purchase from KraftMead, you give them a means of sustenance and encourage them to pursue their passion.

Why KraftMead?

1.Collectible quality: We are not traders, we are manufacturers. Our goal is to promote remote and dying arts of the world, so we do not loose them forever. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with artisans to render a contemporary finish to their utility and art handicrafts, and then provide them global visibility.

2.Handmade Products :KraftMeadproducts are made by hand using eco-friendly materials and methods like use of organic colors instead of harmful colors. We are renowned worldwide for our inlay work on wood. Our processes involve reclaiming, recycling and reusing sustainable resources unlike mass-manufactured goods that involve excessive use of machinery and non-renewable resources.

3.Value for money: Considering that we are very choosy for design and quality, our products are very competently priced. We make every effort to ensure that we deliver the very best of value for your money. And with our 100% customer satisfaction policy, you can rest assured that we are always there for you if you ever want to reach out to us.